Michael Freedman

Michael Freedman - Moderator

CEO, Lighthouse Life Solutions

Michael has been a leader in the life settlement market for the last 15 years. Michael most recently served as President of a leading life settlement company, where during his tenure the company achieved record sales of its investment products and purchased record numbers and volumes of life insurance assets. For 12 years prior, Michael led the life settlement market’s legal and regulatory development as head of Government Affairs at a leading life settlement company. Michael was the driving force behind the passage of more than 60 state and federal life settlement laws that promote and protect life settlements for seniors and investors. Michael is a past officer of the Life Insurance Settlement Association and the Life Settlement Institute. He is the founder and served as the Executive Director of the Alliance for Senior Health Care Financing, a Washington, DC-based advocacy organization. He holds both a Bachelor’s degree from the University at Albany and a Juris Doctorate degree from the University at Buffalo School of Law.